Get to know our extensive new training and workshop program:

The framework conditions in the financial services and real asset industry are constantly changing. Staying focused on the essential knowledge for the company and to communicate the contents is a demanding task. The level of training needs to be constantly adapted to changes in regulations and new employees need a proper and quick onboarding with all knowledge they need for their daily work.

On the other hand, specialized knowledge is no longer the sole factor for successful company development. That is the reason for companies to invest in the further development of key qualifications and soft skills of their employees.

Our customers can benefit greatly from our many years of experience in education and training.

Our training and workshop program At a Glance

Below we have listed our current standard workshops for our customers:

Specialist topics

  • ESG and sustainability in capital management companies (KVGs) and financial service provider
    Aim: The workshop updates on applicable regulations as well as the current regulatory framework (BaFin bulletin, EU disclosure regulation and EU taxonomy) and provides ideas and approaches how to best implement the regulations into practice.
  • Putting information security into practice
    Aim: The workshop provides the regulatory background and offers solutions to implement the current regulations into practice.
  • Putting Money laundering regulations into practice
    Aim: The workshop provides updates on the relevant money-laundering regulations and offers solutions to implement the AMLA rules into practice.
  • Putting Compliance issues into practice
    Aim: The workshop updates on all compliance-relevant regulations and offers solutions to implement compliance regulations efficiently into practice.Outsourcing
    Aim: The workshop offers an introduction and consolidation of the regulatory requirements for the permissibility and regularity of outsourcing measures and offers solutions to put them in practice.
  • Directives for setting up a Controls Report consistent with ISAE 3402
    Aim: The workshop offers an introduction into the topic and provides you with a tool kit to prepare you for delivering your own Controls Report
  • Design of an efficient risk-management
    Aim: The workshop focuses on the regulatory requirements for risk management from the German Banking Act (KWG), the German Investment Companies Act (KAGB), the (KA) MaRisk, the Level II Regulation and BAIT/ KAIT and offers solutions for implementation at institutions, KVGs and their service providers.
  • Process and quality management as a measure for creating efficient and safe structures.
    Aim: The workshop offers an introduction to the common process and quality management standards and offers solutions for practical implementation.
  • Internal Audit
    Aim: The workshop offers a basic understanding of the requirements and activities around the internal audit.
  • Investment in Germany
    Aim: The workshop introduces the German investment business using the perspectives of the investment company, the depositary, and the investment fund (so-called “investment triangle”).
  • Reporting for banks and KVGen
    Aim: The workshop provides an overview of the reporting obligations for banks and KVGen.

Soft Skills

  • Agile project management and controlling
    Aim: The workshop introduces the new agile ways of thinking and project management such as Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking. Practical examples enhance the theoretical background.
  • Managing projects, steering teams
    Aim: The workshop focuses on the importance of project management in general and shows methodical ways for achievement. “Self-control in projects” and “Development of project teams” are also contents of the training.
  • Facilitation techniques
    Aim: The workshop teaches systematic and efficient ways to conduct meetings and facilitations. Methods to visualize topics and means to become a good moderator are also contents of the training.
  • Presentation techniques
    Aim: After defining the term “presentation”, the workshop focuses on preparing, structuring, and conducting meaningful presentations. Additionally, the workshop reflects on the efficient use of media and how to mirror on the own impact.
  • Methods and tools for problem structuring
    Aim: After defining the term “problem”, the workshop focuses on situation-specific tactics for problem-solving, this is done with a practical approach on real-life situations.
  • Efficient Team-Cooperation
    Aim: After defining the term “team”, the workshop focuses on the phases of team development. The aspects of “Criteria for the workability of a team” and “Functioning of a team” are also contents of the training.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting
    Aim: The workshop focuses on the development of a clear picture of the obligation, the framework conditions and the options entrepreneurial thinking offers. Additionally, the training teaches how problem-solving and decision-making techniques can be used in specific situations.



Individual workshops

Please contact us if you are interested in a workshop. As soon as we have received enough enquiries, we will set a date and inform you accordingly. Possible venues are Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Duesseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin.

In-house workshops

Upon request, we can hold all workshops at your business premises.

Workshops on other topics

If you are interested in specific topics beyond our range of workshops, please send your enquiry to or contact us directly at +49 6172 6875 500.
We offer customized workshops, training courses, seminars or coaching for specialist departments or individual employees. In consultation with you, it is also possible to integrate our training expertise into your in-house education strategy. Please contact us for a tailored and individual offer.


Trainings at VIVACIS premises

  • Half day: 200 €
  • One day: 350 €
  • Two days: 600 €
  • Three days: 850 €

All prices are per person exclusive VAT and include workshop-documents, lunch, and soft drinks.

In-house workshops (max.15 participants)

  • Half day: 2.000 €
  • One day: 3.500 €
  • Two days: 6.000 €
  • Three days: 8.500 €

All prices are exclusive VAT and expenses and include workshop-documents.


Please get in touch with us, if we have provoked your interest in our workshop and training program. We will be happy to serve you with further information at +49 6172 6875 500 or