Our vision

The value chain in financial services and real assets will continue to change and new business models are emerging. Regulatory requirements are continuously increasing. Therefore, the ongoing assessment and reflection of the business model is essential. Likewise, the internal operating processes as well as the used IT landscape and its security will become important competitive factors.

Individual topics can no longer be treated as isolated incidents due their multitude and multiple overlaps. On the contrary a combination of measures is necessary to increase efficiency and effectiveness, always focusing on supervisory issues to be successful in the future.

It is against this background that VIVACIS has been founded. “VIVACIS” is Latin and means “durable” or “sustainable”. Following this motto, we cooperate with our clients and partners.

The management

Wulf Ley_Farbe_oL_02.06.2017 (3)

Wulf Ley

Wulf Ley, Degree in Business, is Managing Director of the VIVACIS Consulting GmbH.

He has almost 25 years of experience in advising (inter)national providers of open and closed-end funds, banks, financial service providers and asset managers in the areas of (market entry) strategy, start-up support, business model, process flows (certified to Lean6Sigma), make-or-buy, provider selection, regulatory issues, and project management.

He is the author of numerous books, publications, and articles. Before founding VIVACIS, Mr. Ley worked for Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers as Partner and Head of Advisory for the asset management consulting business in Germany. Mr. Ley is a certified Lean/6 Sigma consultant, restructuring and re-organization consultant (SRH Heidelberg) as well as a Professional SCRUM Master and Product Owner.


Michael Kispert

Michael Kispert

Michael Kispert, Degree in Business, is a member of the management of VIVACIS Consulting GmbH.

He has more than 16 years of experience in advising capital management companies, issuing houses, banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, real estate companies as well as private equity firms. Until joining VIVACIS in July 2011, Mr. Kispert worked as management consultant with two large auditing and consulting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young) in a senior position. His main areas of expertise include the formation of capital management companies and financial service providers, the execution of make-or-buy analysis, the analysis, conceptual design, and implementation of (supervisory) legal requirements as well as the management of specialist/IT processes and controls. In addition, Mr. Kispert also assumes the operational compliance and money laundering function within the framework of outsourcing agreements. Mr. Kispert is a certified Lean/6 Sigma consultant as well as a Professional SCRUM Master and Product Owner.