Strategy & Business Model

Plenty of national and international companies are still planning a market entry in the Financial Services or Real Estate business in Germany. For those, as well as for existing market participants it is essential to have a sustainable business model. It is necessary to focus on those business areas which are essential and competitive advantages seem most probable. The entire organizational structure must be streamlined to achieve this goal.

Our clients benefit from our diversified experience with market-entry or new foundations. Our know-how enables us to analyze the existing business models and the sustainable and compliant company strategy. Together with our cooperation partners who have distinguished backgrounds in leading positions with market leading companies, we will support you in adjusting your product, market or sales strategy.

If all instruments of internal optimization have been identified or if there is no more potential for an internal streamline, the outsourcing of business processes may lead to strategic success. The arising new risks have to be integrated very carefully into the business. The creation of a suitable contractual basis is essential from the start.

We have counselled countless companies with their make-or-buy decisions, the selection of reliable service partners as well as the set-up of tailor-made Service Level Agreements. The formation compliant and efficient internal audit processes are part of the VIVACIS portfolio to assure our clients in their outsourcing decision process.


Our Services:

  • Market(entry) studies
  • New foundations
  • Product, market and sales concepts
  • Business model analysis
  • Value added analysis
  • Make-or-Buy analysis
  • Service partner selection/Due Diligence
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Outsourcing Controlling and Provider steering
  • Controlling and Steering