Operations & IT

A better service quality combined with increased process efficiency will lead to competitive advantages. The basis for this is a higher quota in process automation through which significant scale effects can be achieved and turn around times can be kept low. Standards in process automation guarantee fewer mistakes and reduce the number of claims by keeping a high level of quality at the same time. Standards also guarantee that processes and products are compatible beyond branches of the company.

Together with our cooperation partners we possess a vast and tested know-how of all relevant processes in Financial Services and Real Estate business. Up-to-date knowledge of process optimisation is as close to us as the newest compliance regulations. Our expertise is the effective alignment of classical themes from management consulting   with regulatory requirements. This ensures that the developed processes can be held efficient, secure and at low administrative level.

The IT-architecture and -organization is a main cost factor.Therefore i it is important to select and use the right IT-solution. IT-Solutions have to be individually tailored around the business model, the processes and risk management. The increasing number of regulations plays a significant role as well. In view of the multiple choices in standard software, rising complexity and the need for inter-compatibility of systems, this decision has to be well considered.

Together with our cooperation partners we accompany our clients in the selection and implementation of new IT-solutions. The portfolio includes introduction of Front-, Middle- and Back Office applications as well as the realisation of new data warehouses. Our clients will benefit especially from the seniority of our consultants.


Our Services:

  • Cost/Use analysis
  • Process optimization (SixSigma, Lean and KVP/Kaizen)
  • Control framework-management and optimization
  • Process design and documentation
  • Concept development / handbooks
  • Readiness checks
  • Migration support